Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Two of Pentacles - Duality in the Physical Realm

From the Cosmic Tribe Tarot by Stevee Postman and Eric Ganther
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

We are all busy. Our lives are full of friends, family, work, career, spiritual practices and pursuits, hobbies, entertainment, exercise, sleeping, eating, and lots of books to read. The challenge is in the balance of it all. No matter what we choose to do, the list of what is left can be frustrating and even overwhelming. 

In the above card we see the ouroboris, the cosmic snake that is forever consuming its own tail, at the base of a beautiful butterfly. The ouroboris reminds us of the eternal, unlimited source of all possibility. A column of energy surges up from within the circle of the snake, creating a beautiful body  - from the unlimited arises the one. The energy continues up and out of her crown, returning to the sky above. Each wing manifests as a separate color from the energy field moving around it: balance arises out of the field of chaos; this is Spirit and Matter co-creating in the realms of duality reminding us we are eternal beings, temporarily existing in a plane of duality.

The Two of Pentacles teaches us of duality in the physical realm. The eyes on the butterfly wings remind us to keep watch, stay open, because change is always occurring in the unlimited field of life. How we manage it, allow it, resist it, or create with it is up to us. There is no hurry; in fact, the lesson of this card is in keeping our focus, mastering a juggling act rather than a frenzied pursuit of a completely crossed out “to do” list. 

At times we might find ourselves in a rut; stuck with no apparent progress or change. This is when we need to re-examine our routine, making adjustments to get us moving again. Or perhaps we have experienced a great epiphany and want only to stay in that elated place of feeling connected to the whole, of seeing the big picture. Then life’s dualities pull us back to Earth where we must chop wood, carry water, buy groceries, and balance the checkbook. 

Duality gets us back into the routine, giving us another opportunity to watch, see, and access what is useful to us from the great source of one-ness, of all possibilities. We keep things circulating, stay in the flow, so as not to become stagnant and that circulation eventually moves us into new areas.

Without duality everything/everyone would be the same. Duality brings definition, change, options, and opportunities for exploration and growth. “Dualtiy tools” include choices, decisions, learning our preferences and how to recognize patterns. If we look again at the cosmic butterfly in the card, we see two antennae reaching out on either side to listen to the fine-tuned messages arriving from both sides of the situation to keep us further informed, reminding us that if we keep Spirit involved in our process, we can access help outside our own limited experience. 

 So remember, focus – not frenzy. Watch, listen, and apply conscious choice to access the transformation the ouroboris and butterfly show us is possible. And enjoy the journey.

  Kathryn Ravenwood…10-9-15

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