Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Page of Pentacles - A New Lesson From Your Body, Perhaps?

From the Crystal Visions Tarot, Jennifer Galasso

A week ago I decided to give up coffee, which is a big addiction to me both physically and emotionally. I did it for health reasons and I am discovering a lot about myself in the process.  I mention this because I am feeling like the Page of Pentacles….beginning to take on mastery of my physical world, in this case, my health – again.  Not like I haven’t done it before and then slipped back into old habits!

Pages are the Messengers of the Tarot and I certainly have been getting a lot of information about my body lately. Pages also represent new beginnings. In the Earthy suit of Pentacles this can be about a new career, a new relationship with Mother Earth, or as I am experiencing, a new start on health. Pages are the first of the Court Cards, following the Ace – Ten of the Minor Arcana.  Pages have already gone through a lot of lessons and experience but now are at the mastery stage. In the picture above we see the Page has already accomplished much by the crystals at the base of the tree below her solid perch in the branches. 

We experience the Page many times throughout our lives.  We may seem to be repeating the same lesson but the Page helps us get back on track with less distraction. Pentacles are the most enduring of the Tarot suits; we can look forward to a steady, disciplined course. Keep on target, do a little every day, keep learning. 

Is the Page of Pentacles showing up for you lately? Or maybe it is a good time to invoke your Page and get back on track of your goals so they can be manifested into reality. Take a look at what you have accomplished, re-evaluate your goals and pay attention to the new information coming in to help you. Then, keep on course, and enjoy the journey! 

...Kathryn Ravenwood

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