Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Rune Othilia
Original Writing and Art by Kathryn Ravenwood

I enjoy making collages. Several months ago the art group I participate in was given an assignment of creating with shapes. I thought of the Runes and drew four of them, at random, to use as inspiration. Othilia was one of them and is especially pertinent at this time of isolating in a pandemic. It speaks to us about retreat; a snake that must shed its old skin. Drawing the Rune advises us to expect a radical departure from the old ways. (Rune wisdom from Ralph Blum.) 

We are all on retreat to some extent. Old ways are coming apart. We are finding out not all growth is immediately rewarding and can be very painful indeed. The quote on the collage is from Joseph Campbell: “We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”  Could it be more clear than this?  Many of us are dealing with our Shadow self - our fears. The monsters have come out from under the bed and are rampaging through the house. Will we continue to be afraid or face them and make peace with them?  I am not immune to this process and was in a deep place of grief. Old buttons got pushed that put me into a funk of fear. I was walking down my hallway and I clearly heard a voice say, “you know, if you would just stop gripping onto the way you think you have to do this, we could give you something better...”
I was pretty stunned. I had to start looking at the basics of how I do my life in a whole new way. Othilia tells us that retreat and separation - shedding that old skin - gives freedom to become more truly who we are. That what it is we must give up is really not working anymore and is keeping us too confined in our soul’s journey. So I cried for a couple of days and then started to see that there really are better ways than what I have perpetuated for so much of my life. Spirit has been very generous and reminded me that  “if you want to have a new way of being you have to start acting like it is already here.” It is about understanding that inheritance can only come from giving up something else.

We are in a time of enormous change. Cosmic law and order are overriding many of our systems. We see this in ecosystems, the weather, politics, economics, schools, personal relationships and in every part of life. Old skins are being shed. We are all having to give something up. Some people want to get the old ways back and running as as soon as possible and others are trying to vision a “new normal” that can support us in better ways. There is a sense of impatience - and much of that is based on economics which are very real and painful for many people - but also a sense of just wanting to do what is familiar again. Go shopping. Get a haircut. Meet friends for dinner. Othilia has an answer for this, too: “Wait for the Universe to act. Do without doing and everything gets done.” 

We have gone deeper into the Age of Aquarius; the new energy is beaming down from the Universe. The old Age of Pisces is creating a last ditch effort to exert its influence even as it wanes away. Part of our new lesson is about supporting group efforts rather than individual achievement. Othilia reminds us it is a time to learn to benefit the self and others.  The news is full of examples of this from community service to people coming up with ingenious ideas to support urban agriculture. We are learning how to connect in new ways even as our collective snake sheds it skin.

How can you benefit from retreat? Are you willing to accept radical departure from the known to embrace the unknown? Are you ready to become a new and better version of your self? Is your Soul trying to guide you along an unfamiliar path? Are you creating busy work to distract you from the process or have you been willing to embrace the monsters and wriggle out of your skin?  Yes, some of this is really hard. People are dying. Bank accounts are empty and people are trying to pay the rent and feed their families. And, there are efforts to assist and give aid underway even they are not totally efficient. In the broad sense, the focus is shifting on how to create new systems of support.

There is so little we can actually control but we can definitely make our own choices. I encourage you to take this time of retreat as a gift and explore it - like a child opening a mysteriously wrapped birthday present and then curiously playing with it - finding out what can be done with it.  

And remember, when the snake sheds its skin it does not try to carry it around with it; it leaves it behind and moves on.

....Kathryn Ravenwood  4/25/2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A Message from  the Sun in the Time of Pandemic: A Guided Mediation
Kathryn Ravenwood

The other night after prayer and meditation I was sitting in my altar room trying to sort out my own feelings around this pandemic. In asking for guidance I received a very clear message from The Sun.  The message was,  “I have a corona too, you know.”  

I invite you to join in a guided Spirit Journey with me to explore the Sun’s message.  A little background info first. The outermost part of the Sun is surrounded by an atmosphere of gasses called its corona, that is usually hidden by the bright light of the Sun's surface. Unless using special equipment we can’t see it. However, it IS visible during a total solar eclipse. Then, if conditions are right and, with  the aid of protective eye wear or excellent photography, we can see the amazing dark orb of the sun surrounded by a brilliant light. It is pretty spectacular. Our Sun knows how to put on a show!

What causes a Solar Eclipse?  Sometimes during the orbit of the Moon it gets between the Earth and the Sun causing the eclipse. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun by casting its shadow over the Earth. So we experience a darkness. The Sun’s light goes out and day becomes night.

What the Sun is offering us to look at is that humanity is in a time of shadow. A pandemic has been declared. People are sick and dying. It is happening fast and there is chaos. For many people normal life has stopped and will not be back to “business as usual” anytime soon - if ever. The Moon represents our emotional body, the subconscious, the unknown, fears, delusions, instincts, and cycles. Right now we are in a metaphorical eclipse and are experiencing our Shadow side. All that is hidden is coming out and being exposed in the shadowy realm of fear and uncertainty. The degree of how this time is affecting people of course differs according to their circumstances but everyone is feeling it at some level.

Our Journey today is to experience the shadow of the Moon that blocks our Sun.  The Shadows hold information to help us at this time. Our intention for the Journey is to embrace our Shadows and bring what is ready to be healed back into the light of the Sun.  

In this journey I have you look up at the Sun....  of course you cannot do that in actual life but with Spirit all is possible so you can look up and not be afraid to damage your eyes.  Also a solar eclipse takes longer than the time we spend in this Journey but again, time is not the same in a Journey as in “real life.”  Allow your conscious mind to accept these anomalies so the Journey can bring you its greatest gifts.


Get comfy
feet on ground  
uncross legs
 close eyes


You are walking outside on a beautiful sunny day.  It is warm and you are filled with the feeling of well being, of happiness.   Notice the warmth of the Sun on your skin....  notice how you are feeling..... 

As you walk along you begin to notice that it is less sunny and even a little cooler...  you look up to the sky expecting to see a cloud over the sun but instead you see a dark shadow begin to move across it..... you are surprised to see the darkness..... you were not expecting experience a change in how you feel.....  notice how the shadow on the Sun makes you feel......

The shadow continues to move across the Sun and the darkness is as if the darkness has moved inside of you as well....  notice how the darkness moving within you makes you feel.... is it a surprising feeling .....  or is it an old, and well known experience..........

 Now the shadow has fully engulfed the Sun....  it has become dark as night without the Light of the Sun.  The shadow has fully moved inside of you as well.........  as you experience this shadow, this darkness,  you notice there are messages for you in the shadow........  maybe you hear voices or perhaps you see images or scenes, but the Shadow is revealing things to you...............
perhaps you are remembering old fears you thought you had resolved but have hung on deep in the shadow.........  
or perhaps there are new fears you have not faced yet............  
maybe other emotions emerge from the shadow for you to notice and acknowledge........... explore this shadow land within yourself..................................
what does it look like?........................
what do you find?........................
what do you feel?......................
what is coming out of the darkness for you to notice?...............
What understandings are being revealed to you at this time?..................
What is it you come to know about yourself that was hidden?.......

The fully darkened Sun now reveals it corona.......  a bright circle of light that surrounds its darkened orb.....  look at the sun’s corona..........  how it shines like a crown..........

You realize that you, too, have a corona that shines around your darkness.........  
you can see your corona .......  it helps to illuminate your shadow land and reminds you that all your fears, emotions, and challenges have helped to make you the person you are today...........  
embrace your corona as a crown...........  
what does your crown look like?...................  
what is made from?.............................. 

Now, take your crown into your hands ..........
what does your crown feel like?  Notice all you can about it...............
Now, place your crown upon your head...........  
notice how wearing your crown makes you feel...........
notice any changes that come over you............  
notice any changes that come over your shadow land.....................

As you fully feel the power of your crown, you notice the darkness is less intense....... the light is returning...........  it is time to tell your shadow land goodbye and to offer thanks for all that it has shown your today.................  
notice any last messages your shadow land has for you at this time.................
you find you have a gift to offer to the shadow land.......  what is it you offer at this time? ................................ 
what happens as the shadow land accepts your gift?......................

Now you notice  it is becoming lighter and lighter..........   you feel a warming on your skin again............ you look up and see the dark shadow across the sun is leaving now, allowing the Sun’s brilliance to shine fully.............. its corona is no longer visible but you know it is still there.......  like the sun, you still have your crown,  and even if it is not always visible to you its strength and power will always be there.................

You raise your arms to the Sun in gratitude for this experience and find you have a gift for the Sun.  Offer your gift to the Sun now.....  
what is it you offer?..........................  
The Sun accepts your gift.......................  and, the Sun has a special gift just for you at this time.......what is it the Sun gives to you?.................

It is time to move on now......  equipped with the healings from the shadow land, the gift of the Sun, and with your crown you stand fully in the Light of your own Being.......  strong and renewed from this journey.

You find yourself aware of your breath.........  breathing in.....  breathing out........

and you are returning back to this time and place..........

when you are ready, open your eyes.

take time to journal.  get a drink of water.   allow yourself time to incorporate this journey and its wisdom.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Devil Card: Conditioning/Fear
The Osho Zen Tarot
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

In the above image we see a lion wrapped in a sheep’s skin. Raised as part of the flock he  became conditioned to act, think, and behave like a sheep. Too big now, and very much looking like a lion, the false identity no longer fits him. What will happen as he becomes aware of his lion-ness? Will he turn on the sheep who innocently flock around him? Will he continue to be accepted by them once they recognize him as a traditional and potential enemy?

Our fears are like the lion. Over the years we have become conditioned to hide them beneath layers of disguise. We have allowed the “wool to be pulled over our eyes” and have taken shelter in a flock behavior of conforming, adapting personalities to cope or fit in. We have succumbed to addictions, destructive habits, living with illusions and immersing ourselves in denial. We can go along like this for years until something forces us to wake up. A crisis happens; we experience a terrible betrayal; a severe health or financial challenge forces us to deal with present time and reality. Then our fears come raging through like a wild beast and we feel like the slaughtered lamb.

What happens when our sheep-skin defenses fall away and reveal us as a lion? Will we turn on ourselves or others in savage attack? Do we cower amongst the sheep and pretend nothing has changed? Or could the mighty courage of the lion/lioness we are in our heart rise above the conditioning and become a leader and champion of our fearful self or those around us? 

From early on in life we are programmed to conform, to not ask questions, to hide uncomfortable and disturbing parts of life under fluffy layers of denial that keep us from facing fears as well as the strength we have to deal with them.We have become conditioned to a way of life, a way of believing, a way of acceptance. We get tired of fighting for the cause. We give up on relationships because they are too painful, expensive, and depleting. We endure old patterns of abuse from family and friends who cannot see us as any differently than we were defined by them at childhood or at the time we formed a friendship. Past failures have stifled our creativity and confidence and we have just come to accept less. All these factors become lingering fears covered with layers of disguise.

Once our lion awakens and that power is realized we have the opportunity to face our fears, to look at ourselves in this new form.  The behaviors and patterns that served the sheep no longer fit the lion and must be cast off.  We can take responsibility for our life and our dreams. Hopefully we are also filled with compassion for our old sheep-self. After all, that sheep skin did offer vital protection when it was needed.

Fear is not going away and is a great ally to us. Fear tells us, “Hey! Wake up and look out!” as it alerts us to danger. Fear will trip us up and knock us down to be sure we pay attention to something right under our noses rather than turn the other way and ignore the warning. Fear calls us to gather information and knowledge. The worst thing to do is to attack ourself or someone else who is afraid. True power comes with compassion as well as sometimes having to make tough choices. We can listen to fear, heed its warning, and then make decisions based on love. Self love. Love of the planet. Love of our family and friends, Love of our communities. And we can use knowledge and strength to implement change.

The Devil card calls us to face our fears, to embrace the shadow parts of our selves that have not yet been able to come to the Light. It is about freeing ourselves from the chains of unconscious programming that keeps us locked into patterns of deception and self destruction. Remember the DEVIL is LIVED spelled backwards. When we are wrapped in layers of fear we are not really living. 

Awaken your lion! Embrace your courage, your compassion, and love your life. 

...Kathryn Ravenwood     3/22/2020

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Star - Hope
Llewellyn Tarot
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

The Tarot is an ancient source of wisdom that provides guidance for us in every phase of life. We are currently experiencing a Tower of Destruction event with the Corona virus putting us into a world-wide pandemic. People are sick and dying. The financial repercussion is enormous and will take years to fully understand and recover from. Our very way of life has changed and may never be the same. We are all feeling the enormous effects of this Tower event and must figure out what we will do and how we will cope. Much will be said about it astrologically, socially, financially, and medically.  Governments, communities, families will all have to take action. The old structures have either fallen or taken a big hit. Many people are fearful and in panic mode. Most of us are stunned.

The Star card reminds us that no matter how bad it gets, there is always hope. This card is the Tarot’s promise of guidance and direction. It is sometimes hard to see our way through a Tower event. We can feel hopeless watching our world fall into ruins. And yet, when everything settles down, there is the Star shining in the darkness, the hope of better things to come. 

The Tower is the removal of obstacles and barriers and the Star is the reward that follows. This is a time of reflection and soul searching, a time to refill what has been depleted and to honor the space where restoration can happen. The Tower has fallen and taken us with it but we come to understand that we were not destroyed; the destruction was of that which was blocking us from seeing a higher vision, from the Guidance that is always there to help us to know ourselves as both physical and spiritual beings, to feel the alignment with our mortal and divine natures. 

The Star is the new vision that leads us to transformation, to use conscious awareness and intention to reform our lives. The Tarot reminds us we have the tools we need - the  Swords of Clear Thinking, the Wands of Right Action, the Cups of Intuitive Emotions, and the Pentacles of our Manifestations in the physical world. While we cannot control the actions of government, the supply chain, or a panicked population, we can make choices and take our own actions. 

We can re-evaluate the way we have been living and how we have been consuming. We can be more in touch with our local communities and find ways to create new connections and mutual support. We will have to make changes in ways we don’t even see yet. But we can do this. We have the promise of the Star that we will get through it with new clarity and enlightened vision.

In the image above we see a woman looking up to the night sky at the North Star - the star used for centuries to align our position, to be a constant light for us. The ancient stones behind her remind us that ages of human experience have passed on the Earth - civilizations thrived and then transformed into something else. In this moment the woman is experiencing grace and peace by drawing strength from the natural world and from Spirit, a reminder that the Star shines light through the darkness and is always present - even when we cannot see it. 

I encourage you to connect with your own hope, your own visions of living in the Light. While we are hunkered down in our homes, away from events and crowds, we can make this an opportunity to call for inspiration, enlightenment, and listen to Spirit for direction. Ask for help if you need it; offer help where you can. Navigate by the Star to align with your Higher Self.

Shine On.

.....Kathryn Ravenwood     


Thursday, March 5, 2020

From The Mother Peace Tarot
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

The Fours of the Tarot are ruled by the Emperor. They represent structure and form. Pentacles are about the physical realm, including our money, homes, health, goals, and habits. The forms we perpetuate ideally hold us in structured, yet creative, patterns. We need order in our lives, and schedules do tend to keep us moving toward our goals, but we also need room for creative flow. When our physical world is boxed in or buried with details, we may have become a slave to our habits and might not be living with intention. What used to give us security now has a choke hold on us. 

In the image above we see a woman taking time to withdraw from the usual routine by entering a sacred space in which she can reconnect to her true power - not the power of her possessions or routines, but the power of her soul wisdom. She creates a ritual to clear out what is no longer valid, connect with her true nature, and bring new visions into the physical realm.  The very fact that this space is available to her reminds us that we are the creators of our lives. We have established a foundation of security in the physical world that affords us the life we manifested and live. We indeed can afford to spend the time and energy to occupy the sanctuary of our inner security and wisdom.

Many factors have contributed to our security. We have exercised discipline, routines, established boundaries, set and accomplished goals. It is this stable foundation that now allows us the opportunity to re-evaluate our current state of being and truly identify where we are within the framework of our own world. Are we holding on to attachments such as possessions for the sake of the security they represent? What about our various identities? A persona we created in the past to protect us or to serve in the accomplishment of our goals or social position may no longer be the person we are now and might actually be holding us back from growth. We may have disconnected from the “real me” in allowing these personalities to run our lives. Boundaries we created years ago might now be too restrictive, limiting our ability to interact as the evolved being we have become.

Here are some signs that a retreat and re-look at the box of our lives might be appropriate: boredom; loss of focus on the big picture of our life; blocked creativity and excitement; a feeling of miserliness indicating we have lost touch with the creative abundance of the universe and our ability to connect with it.  An unreasonable fear of losing what we have; feeling isolated. If any of this sounds familiar, then welcome to the world of the Four of Pentacles!  Help is already here - within yourself.

It is time to honor what we have created through our hard work and to recognize that WE DID THAT and we can continue do so in the future. However, the forms we created need some reshaping from time to time. We create these structures to hold our creative visions but when our visions no longer serve us, when we have passed into a realm of habit, these same structures begin to restrict and block us. 

The wisdom gained from the past is still within us to guide us and be part of the bigger structure of our self. We are not abandoning the wisdom but might need to release the identity, personality, structure, or habit of it so new visions and versions can enter. When we step outside the box we can see how big the world really is and value our ability to thrive in it. 

Our true security lies in our ability to connect and re-connect with our visions, our creativity, and to remember we are always part of a dynamic flow of energy that is available to us at an moment to access, use, and then release; to perpetually be in a state of creation, established form, and then death/release and rebirth into new expanded editions of our own self.  

The power is always within us.  

....Kathryn Ravenwood, March 5, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Four of Cups
From the Starseed Tarot, by Patricia Cori
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

In the above image sea and sky are barely distinguishable as they flow and merge together. Perched on a rock, the only solid ground in sight, a woman sits pensively. The three cups behind her, representing emotions already experienced, as well as the cup being offered by the dolphin, representing new situations and emotions not yet experienced,  are ignored. Hands pressed to her heart she is taking the luxury of being in the moment, to let the waters rise and fall around and within her. Soon the incoming tide will force her to take refuge on the shore but, for now, she is free to just feel and be one with the elements around her.

The Fours of the Tarot are ruled by the Emperor who calls us to look at form and structure. The Cups are about our emotional world. To define form for our emotional body is very tricky. We have to consider our awareness, consciousness, what is hidden in the great depths of our subconsciousness, all the memories, hurts, loves, and fears we carry with us. We are also connected to the vast collective consciousness. There really is no way to make a form for all of that - it would be like trying to define the form of the ocean or to contain it in some giant bowl. 

We cannot control our emotions or put them in a neat little box but we can learn to recognize and honor them. This is where the Four/Emperor energy comes in handy.  We can use structure to create time and space to just sit and be with how we feel, to honor the pain or the frustration, the joy or the elation. We know water takes the form of what is is put into, and that it will find the path of least resistance.  Given time and the right conditions it can permeate anything. Same with our feelings. If we give ourselves a loving opportunity to feel and process we can learn to recognize how our emotional body works - when it is healthy, when it is fragile and needs extra care.

This beautiful card reminds us to take a time out and not feel pressured to take on more that we can process at this time. Rather, as the waters swirl around us, the restricted emotional container of our feelings can then expand, flow away, and allow a natural ebb and flow to move through us. The ocean, constantly in a state of change yet always appearing the same, is held within its shorelines. How does it know where to stop? How is that proverbial line in the sand drawn so that the ocean stops just there?

Like the ocean we are constantly experiencing flux and change. Not unlike oceanic shorelines, we contain our emotional world with boundaries. We learn to honor how we feel and say “no” or “yes” or “I don’t know”.  We can say nothing at all and reside in silence and stillness. We can be mindful of overindulgence, to be able to recognize when we have taken on too much and take time to withdraw and process. Are you carrying an emotional load for someone else? Is that serving you or the other person? Like the movement of the tides, our emotions will ebb and surge revealing different aspects of ourselves like exposed tide pools or force us to retreat to higher ground for refuge. 

Are other people or even your own judgmental voice saying you are taking “too long” to “get over” a hurt or trauma? Honor your process and take as much time as you need. In that great ocean of emotion we can hide our feelings in deep underwater caves but sooner or later they come to the surface. As part of the great collective consciousness we are living in one big emotional soup. We feel things that are undefined and hard to explain because they are not always our own. It is important to know when to embrace the great ocean of emotions and accept love, joy, or beauty that we may have closed off to before. 

We can sink or swim and even learn to surf the waves. The Four of Cups offers us a much needed time out to re-establish our boundaries so we can safely identify that watery realm of our emotions. 

Embrace the process.

....Kathryn Ravenwood 1-28-2020

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Four of Swords
From The Tarot of Transformation: Willow Arlenea & Jasmine Lee Cori
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

Four is a number of formation and stability; four seasons, four major directions, four corners of a basic building foundation, and four suits of the Minor Arcana in Tarot. The Swords of Tarot represent many aspects including the mind, insight, speech, thoughts, and in discovering personal and cosmic truth. 

The mind is a powerful tool, our brains magnificent, our thoughts capable of brilliant creativity. The mind can also harbor psychotic fears, get mired in non-intentional patterns of negativity, and generally run on auto pilot driving us through life with no discernment or imagination. In the above image we see a woman standing in what appears to be a whirling and indistinguishable flow of energy. From it she rises and pulls into focus a beautiful mandala of form and color. Holding it brings a focal point of vision which now supports her in what was chaos. She has created mental structure which now gives her a portal of opportunity. From this perspective she can direct her thoughts to align and stabilize, not only to form, but to beauty.

The mandala is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. Looking through its lens and turning it the viewer sees endless possibilities form from the colored glass inside as it reflects the light using mirrors. Like this delightful instrument, the mind, also an incredible instrument, has endless possibilities of thought to create patterns that form the structure of how we think, view the world, discern and decide.  As conscious beings, we strive for clarity of thought and to align our thoughts with our heart - with love. This powerful alignment leads us to right speech, right action, and the ability to listen not only to others but to our own inner guidance. 

The Fours of the Tarot are ruled by the Emperor who knows that even the strongest structures built with good intention must be open to change to prevent them from becoming confining and restrictive. Right forms are in service to right thought and right action and allows for negotiation rather than control. So it is with our minds. The Four of Swords reminds us to be open to negotiation, of a continual learning, re-evaluation, and new discernment of what it true. 

In the ongoing process of personal growth and mastery we have unlimited opportunities and challenges that temper our minds, emotions, will, health, and prosperity. Chaos and confusion, clarity and purpose, bliss and despair are all part of the dance of life. Sometimes it can feel like we are spinning out of control and sometimes the rhythm is just perfect as we flow with synchronicity and joy. Learning to master the art of negotiating our thoughts helps us negotiate in the outer world and move through it more balanced and empowered for ourselves and in being in truthful service where we can. 

The Bible tells us that the Word of God created the entire universe. We must remember that our thoughts and speech create the form of our own world. I am reminded of a verse from a song by the Sons of Champlin - I cut this out of a Rolling Stone magazine in maybe 1969 and carried it in my wallet for decades:

“The forms which we create caress our minds
And they’ll take us past this place which lives by time
And the forms we are creating today
Are the forms which we will be someday
And the good games are the flowers of our minds
I love you”

May the flowers of your mind bloom and bless you.

....Kathryn Ravenwood 1-10-2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Emperor Card from Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eaton
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

Mention the Emperor card of the Tarot and we immediately think of the Number 4, of form, structure, power and the male/father force. We think of Aires, the Ram, the first sign of the zodiac and its famous ME FIRST attitude. We think rules, discipline, and firm foundations. The Emperor is all these things which offer visions of of power and form for our lives for both the year ahead and the start of a new decade.

The Hebrew letter that corresponds with the Emperor is Heh or window. In the image above we see the Emperor sitting on his cubit throne within a window. He is looking out of the window even as he IS the window. Windows bring in light which the Emperor understands to be both the creative solar energy and the light of knowledge, of vision. Watching through a window suggests vigilance, observation, clarity, and surveying the landscape. Air/breath/life force also comes in through the window. Clear sight is a gift of the Emperor. He knows how to receive the power of the Cosmic fire, seeing the vision it imparts and, using universal laws, builds his empire of form which he then governs to hold his people in positive form.

The image is full of geometric shapes - triangles, the cube, the cross. They represent both physical and sacred geometry. The cube is the form of basic foundation and represents the manifested universe. The cross is a symbol of the intersection of the the manifest (mundane) and un-manifest (cosmic) realms - or heaven on earth. The Emperor’s head and shoulders form a triangle, his legs crossed forming a 4, or a T-Square; both are basic tools used in measurement, planning, surveying, and building. These tools provide the Emperor, the architect, the means to organize and build structures to bring his vision into manifested form by the application of natural laws.

In many versions of the Emperor card we see him on his throne looking over his shoulder - looking back at the Empress. It is her creative force that fills the Emperor’s world with beauty and abundance that would otherwise be sterile. He creates the forms to hold her creations and so honors, protects, and is in service to her. As the Empress is always creating something new the Emperor’s world is always changing. He must recognize what is old, even dead, that no longer serves the empire. He then has to plan again, rebuild, and reorganize new material into physical form. He must be dynamic to manage all the changes and maintain an on-going order or the once useful forms become limiting, restricting, and will eventually crack and fall into the rubble.

Each of us is the Emperor, the Window, allowing Light to shine through. We use our vision and consciousness as agents of creation, building our world. We order our experiences with deductive reasoning and application of rules and boundaries. The Emperor is known as the “Constituting Intelligence;” we must frame our individual constitutions even as we must conform to the laws of nature, which will always make themselves known - especially when errors in judgment drop us into chaotic experiences. We want freedom to explore and create but we also want what we create to support and sustain us. “Freedom is the choice of one’s discipline” (anon). The trick - or should I say plan - is to learn to make our decisions with the window open - letting in light, getting a clear view, and then using the power of self control and discipline to bring our vision - our decision - into form. Boundaries are not just about “staying in our lane” they are rules which allow us to practice right action to govern our lives in the greatest of cosmic laws - service and love.

We need to be the Emperor, not just to get our To Do lists done, but to empower our divine nature to express and bring forth the Light. No wonder the Emperor appears so formidable! This is a huge task and is one we are all here to master. The Emperor shows us how to do it - how to apply the power of cosmic law to establish order which then provides the perfect container for our creativity to thrive and expand. We are each a mini cosmos of the Universe; each an Empress and Emperor, creating and bringing into form that which we see with inward sight. Never doubt your identity as an architect of the divine.

Open up your window - receive the light - receive the breath of life - use your powers to be the Grand Architect of your life and to expand the cosmos in your creation.

…..Kathryn Ravenwood 12/31/2019