Thursday, July 14, 2016

Princess of Wands
Unknown Deck
Original writing by Kathryn Ravenwood
If ya got it – flaunt it!  The Princess of Wands is that absolutely juicy, luscious, passionate part of us that has the guts to take on something new in spite of experience, age, fear, past failures, lack of cohorts, or the admonished disdain of family or friends.  She is out there – in there – just waiting for you to call on her, to channel her unabashed desire to try something new. Whether it be belly dancing, writing your memoir, falling in love (again), saying “no”, saying “yes”, auditioning for a play, leaving a toxic situation, or embracing your spiritual path with commitment and power, it will never happen if you don’t try, if you don’t get started, if you don’t commit to your own fierce power of self love and possibility.  
Whatever it is you have “always wanted to do” or wished you could do, or thought you could never do, now is the  time to get your juicy on.  Yes, you.  Get out of your comfort zone. Get up, get dressed, show up and fake it till you make it.  Let your glorious light shine – no – let it blaze forth!
What is stopping you? Is it fear? What if you fail? What if you make a fool of yourself?  Is it too hard? Not as hard as staying stuck or small or always wishing you had the guts to go for it – whatever “it” is.   Life goes on whether you participate or not and the Princess of Wands is no way going to take a back seat and watch her life fade away.  She is going to step up, speak out, take risks, dare you to join her, go screaming and hollering all the way through the scary parts and celebrate like crazy at the very fact that she tried.  Because even in trying is a great success.  This is where the juicyness is.  And if you should actually succeed…  awesome!
We all go through slumps in our lives. These periods can be times of processing and learning about our experiences. But if we settle into a place of complacency, using fear as a blanket to protect us, years can go by – time we do not get back again. Yes, there are horrific times in our lives when we need to retreat, to process, to recover. But eventually we need to move on and kick start our lives again. The Princess of Wands shown above is a beautiful dancer. Do you think she always knew how to dance? How to make those gorgeous costumes? At what point did she go on stage and become vulnerable to the public eye?  She probably had a very full and busy life and she had to make a lot of adjustments to find time to take lessons, practice, learn to sew, audition for performances.  But she did it; and now just look at her just oozing with passion!
At whatever point you are in your life, there is always room for the Princess of Wands to dance in and get you jump started. She is there to collaborate with you publically, privately, spiritually, to help you embrace your life and get your creative juices flowing again. It is OK if you start and fail. It is OK if you start and change your mind.  It is OK if you start and succeed, but please take the hand of the Princess and get out on the dance floor with her.
 Just do it.
…Kathryn Ravenwood 7.14.16