Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Four of Wands, Robin Wood Deck
Celebrate New Beginnings
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

The Four of Wands is often referred to as “the wedding” card. I had not been to a wedding in a long time and now I get one a month for three months! I always find it an amazing time when two people decide to stand up together in front of witnesses and say, “yes” to one another.  It is one of those turning points in life. Two individuals step out of their single lives, join hands, exchange promises, receive blessings, and go forward, still individuals, but now married – joined – wed to one another and their common life and their shared love. Then there is kissing and applause, and generally a joyful celebration. 

However, this card is not just about getting married.  Fours are about creating foundation, stability, establishing and getting grounded.  Wands are our fiery spirits, our will power, and applying that will into action. Where is your will power going these days? Are you in a consensual relationship with anyone or anything? With yourself? Have you stood up lately to say, “yes” to new ventures or new partnerships? Have you recognized a turning point in your life that would love a ritual to celebrate its passage or witnesses to cheer you on? Have you made a declaration of love to anyone or yourself lately? When was the last time you celebrated your own creations?

None of us are ever really alone. We all have an amazing variety of marriages and partnerships we enter into during our walk through life. Even if we part ways later on down the road, we have all stepped up, said “yes” and gone forward in a commitment and agreement with someone else or with an aspect of ourselves. There is a great sense of recognition, desire, passion, and love that calls us to make these marriages. We reach a point where going on alone is not an option and taking on a partner or a new aspect of ourselves, even though results are totally unknown, is a far better choice than the solo act or staying singly focused.

Creativity spurs us forward and then needs a form to hold it.  This is what the Four of Wands gives us – a celebratory container to hold our creative ventures.

I invite you to consummate a new relationship. Say yes. Get committed. Let the road open up before you and start out in joyful celebration. Whether with a person or your art, your writing, your creativity, or the renewal of your will towards what matters to you…  step up, take a stand, get excited, and dance down the path that opens for you.

…Kathryn Ravenwood  11-5-19