Sunday, June 30, 2019

Judgment June 30,2019


By Everyday Tarot 
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

Have you been hearing a sound lately? A special sound, like a calling? A sound that resonates into the deepest parts of your soul? Listen carefully…this is the sound of your own highest self, your own divinity, speaking to you. We are all here on Planet Earth expressing our choices, living our lives, helping others, making mistakes, learning, loving, growing.  Sometimes it seems very hard, even meaningless; we can feel lost or overwhelmed with life itself. We experience the illusions and misunderstandings of the world, the misdirected energies of radical thought groups and their focus. It can feel contrary to who we know we are, to what know we could be. The beauty and divinity of life can fade from view leaving us feeling alone and defeated,  as if buried alive.
Not to worry! Our highest self - that Divine spark of the Creator embodied and living - is always with us – because that is who we really are. We are only separated from that awareness by being in the physical realm and by our own immersion in mental and physical distractions.  But, every once in awhile, we hear that call…. We are awakened and rise out of the coffin of density and respond to it.  What an awakening we have then! We feel re-connected to our purpose, our process, our true self.  
The Judgement card reminds us of this awakening – this resurrection – that we experience. It can come as a great epiphany or a small inner knowing that fills us with peace, understanding, and clarity.  We see the higher plan, we feel that higher vibration of who we are and we align to it. We can learn to cultivate our relationship with our own divinity so we can have more direct contact with that vibration. No one else has the same vibratory signature - each of us is unique – and together we create a great opus.  Whether our note is clear or in dissonance all contributes to the sound of the Whole.  The more we are on key, the higher the vibration we emit, then the Whole also benefits by resounding more clearly. 
This card also connotes a harsher human quality - that of actual judgment- the qualifying by comparison of people, traits, action, sexuality, beliefs. You name it and someone is going to judge it based on their own ego and whim. This form of authoritarian opinion is more like passing a sentence of condemnation than the desire to bring discernment and understanding of a situation so we can formulate a fair evaluation and make the best decisions regarding that situation.
All actions have a re-action; cause is followed by effect. Karma is a real cosmic law that applies to everyone. We are all entangled in it. We carry it with us though lifetimes providing a base of soul wealth to draw upon as well as lessons to be learned and rectified in this life. Since we are not even aware of the extent of our Karma, Judgment, in its finest sense, brings us moments when we can feel the shift, feel the re-alignment to our higher truth and go forward with peace and a lot more love. 
This is a process. We have lifetimes to experience and explore. Forgive yourself, raise up, and embrace your highest vibration.

…Kathryn Ravenwood 6.30.19