Saturday, April 13, 2019


Lisa St. Croix Tarot Deck
Original writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

It seems like only yesterday there was a clear plan in mind. Inspiration and great ideas were fresh; enthusiasm was running high. Confidant and clear, unstoppable, sure to succeed we charged ahead to bring our vision into reality. But what are these gloomy clouds blocking the view? Where did the clarity go? Why is it all so confusing again? No worries! The Knight of Swords comes to the rescue, parts the darkness with his brilliant sword and reveals the light.

We all experience stimulation overload with the massive amounts of information and opinions we are exposed to minute by minute. It is so easy to become overwhelmed. Like a great rushing river we can easily fall in and get swept away. It is vital that we set and revisit our intentions on which to focus. The training and discipline of our minds is essential.

And yet, we can fall into “mind ruts.”  Those same thought pattens we created in focus and discipline can trap us into stilted thinking and responses as to how we move forward in our lives. We experience discouragement, inertia. We get bogged down. We lose our acumen.

In the Tarot, Knights, traditionally shown on horseback, represent movement. Swords represent, among other aspects, the mind, our thoughts, our truth, and THE truth. The Knight of Swords rushes in, brandishing the Sword of Truth, not sure of the outcome, but absolutely committed to the process. Sometimes reckless, always thinking “outside the box” our Knight assures disruption of the complacent mind.

In the card featured above, this Knight is not on horseback but has still reached the top of a mesa where she has a clear perspective of a wide vista of the land. She was able to think herself to this place. Being here, she channels focus and truth through her sword to cleave the confusion, clear the ruts. She gains enlightenment.

The Knight of Swords reminds us that change is a necessary part of growth. We can be at a great place where everything is aligned, works just right, obstacles fall away. And that is great - fantastic! But even from such a seemingly perfect state change comes calling. There is more to learn. More to understand. More to master. Of course, we can choose to not ride with the Knight of Swords, not to take up that sword and just stay in a place of what is known and comfortable. Be assured that Truth will always be there to prod us forward, to challenge - even dare us - to leave the safe confines of our routine thinking and ride into the wild unknown with this daring Knight. 

What new discoveries might you make as the Knight of Swords? What is ready to be revealed in your life that might be obscured by complacency? Are you ready to “saddle up” and ride the winds of change? Wherever you may be in your process, be assured Truth will guide you. Whether your Knight charges into wide open spaces or must carefully pick his way over narrow rocky roads, the result is the same. Movement. New visions, new horizons. Truth will lead you on your journey as you ride the winds of change.

….4.13.19  Kathryn Ravenwood