Saturday, January 16, 2016


From the Hanson Roberts Tarot
Original writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

The Page of Wands has been showing up in a lot of readings lately. Whenever I see a card “trending” for many people, I think it is a good idea to pay attention to the message it brings. In this case, it is perhaps a double message as the Pages of the Tarot are often called the Messengers of the Tarot.

This Page is dressed for traveling; staff in hand, a disc of the sun around her neck. She is full of enthusiasm, energy, and seems undaunted in calling out her message even though it seems no one but the mountains are there to hear. No matter; the Page of Wands is inspired to share her passion and joyfully does so.

To me, this Page is calling on us to reconnect with our vitality. No matter our age, we occasionally feel a resurgence of our purpose and are inspired to have a fresh start. The card prior to the Page is the 10 of Wands, the card of burdens and hardships. We may have been caught in great struggles and have felt there was no going forward when the energy of the Page comes upon us and we are suddenly ready to get out there again, go for it - whatever “it” is. We find ourselves energized and, as the song says, “on the road again.” 

Are you shouldering so many burdens you are unable to lighten up, shake loose and go exploring? If the Page of Wands called to you could you hear her? Maybe you are one of those who has heard the call. How have you responded? Have you embraced the new energy or have you muffled the message and continued to plod along, toting the weary load? 

Pages are the beginning of the Mastery or Court Cards of the Tarot. Pages are eternally young, love to learn and do new things. They have not yet gained enough experience to be judged too harshly for mistakes. They are encouraged to actively play, learn, experience life. They are beginners, not masters – yet. As Normandi Ellis reminds us, we are always in a state of “eternal becoming.” As long as we are alive, full of the Fire of the Wands of the Tarot, we have the hope and will power to apply that sacred fire to the sacred path of our life. 

I encourage you to call on your Page of Wands and connect with this vital and joyful energy. Get out there. Do something new. Shake up the routine. Explore. Play. Have some fun. You might discover and new calling in your very soul that will inspire you to become more than you knew you could ever be.

…Kathryn Ravenwood  1/14/16