Friday, October 18, 2019

The Eight of Wands – Swiftness
Photographer Unknown
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

In the Tarot the card of the Eight of Wands means swiftness – like the “bolt out of the blue” or the sudden appearance of some action or event.  Wands are the suit of fire, of will power.  I have always loved the card and when I saw this photo it brought in an even higher meaning for me.

We have all heard of some rock band who was “an overnight sensation” only to learn they had been struggling for ten years, waiting for that big break. We all can think of a time when we suddenly experienced everything coming together in just the right way to move us forward along our path, to give us that recognition, opportunity, or burst of energy at just the right time.  We like to think of it as synchronicity, divine intervention, or just great luck. That is all true but there is more to it.

We live in a limitless universe of abundance, of all possibilities, of the past, present and future all existing simultaneously. We experience various energy “downloads” depending on our level of awareness, our participation with the life energies, and how we interact with this living, expanding universe of cosmic fire.

The above photograph is a slow motion capture of meteors shooting through the sky.  It shows us that all that juicy, massive energy of “everything is possible” is always – always – there.  We live in it.  We constantly interact with it.  We ARE it!! But how often are we really paying attention to it? We get used to living in “slow motion” and shut out or dilute the unlimited into something we “can handle.”  We learn to live as if asleep only to awaken when we collide with one of those big blasts of energy and are forced to pay attention.

The streaks of light in the photo also remind me of the Hebrew letter Yod…this is a special letter as it is believed all the other letters are formed from it.  It is considered the starting point of all things, and so holds the “spark of Spirit” in everything. And here we have a whole sky full of Yods delivering all unlimited sparks of Spirit and beginnings!  Can you feel the fiery excitement?

What wondrous possibilities are you surrounded with that you might be missing? Can you feel the rain of Cosmic Fire igniting the very air around you? Can you feel it light up your heart and explode within you? 

This is no time for an umbrella!

….Kathryn Ravenwood 10-18-19