Friday, March 22, 2019

The Page of Pentacles
New Babylonia Tarot
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

Richly dressed and standing on the path of a lush and abundant garden, the Page of Pentacles focuses on one coin, which represents a new idea, plan, or goal. We can assume he is already a master of manifestation based on the clues shown in the card, yet, he is giving this new focus both his attention and intention. 

A garden of this magnitude took time and patience to bring about.  Many skills had to be mastered, much trial and error endured. Through it all the Page of Pentacles watched, tended, learned and gained mastery of the art of the garden. Now he has become an adept gardener and his land beautiful and abundant.   

Our process of learning, creating and mastery is never at an end. Sometimes it seems like we have made no progress or we can only see failures. It is essential to remember to honor the cycles of our mastery and get a perspective on where we are. It is easy to forget how many steps we did take to lead us where we are now. Things planted years ago may only now be coming to fruition. We all weather the storms of life and experience both loss and growth.  The Page of Pentacles reminds us to learn something new, take on new projects, and to set new goals.  We are eternal beings so the road never really ends. Sometimes it is hard to break out of our mold, our safe and defined world, especially after all the hard work required to achieve a place of mastery.  It is vital to our growth to respond to our curiosity, to listen to Spirit’s call, to not stagnate. 

I chose this card as an illustration because it clearly shows the rich accomplishments of the past in the garden, the present moment with the focus on the coin in hand, and the path itself. We do not see where the path leads from the present moment. This reminds us to stay in the present, focus on the new goal, subject of learning, or plan – we don’t know where it will actually lead us. If we focus too much on the future we won’t see the steps in front of us. Remember that once we make a commitment the Universe will conspire to lead and help us along the path – usually to a destination far better than we had originally imagined. 

The Page of Pentacles is very much about those steps. Start the journey. Begin the process. Up your game. Trust yourself. Whatever it is you want to learn and pursue, you have to start at the beginning but you have all the experience and wisdom from your past, which came from small steps along the way, to support you. 

Enjoy the journey. Keep your perspective. Never discount any set-backs or perceived failures as they are all teaching us and leading us to where we are now.  The road is never perfect. But, one step at a time, it takes us ever onward. 

…Kathryn Ravenwood 3/21/19