Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Six of Cups
Love and Joy
From the King’s Journey Tarot

As this year draws to a close, I think of how much tumult we have experienced not only in the world and political scene, but in our personal lives as well.  We have had joys, fears, disappointments, betrayals, and triumphs. So much has happened. In a seemingly constant state of overwhelm, it has been hard to find any balance. 

We all need to take the time to take a breath – or two – and find the space to relax and allow ourselves to be surrounded by the things that give us joy.  In the card above, a happy couple celebrates Christmas with their small child. They are warmed by a cozy fire, sharing wine, bread and cheese. The cups in front of them represent the loving gifts they have given each other; the unwrapped presents let us know more joy is yet to come. In this moment they are in harmony enjoying the life they have created together.

The world may be in chaos and storms may rage around us, but we have the choice to reach inside our own awareness and find that place of peace, gratitude, love, and joy within us.  This morning I drove into early Yoga just before the dawn. I waited at the stop light having just come off the interstate onto the overpass and watched the traffic below me. Speeding lines of red tail lights were heading west in the constant drone of high speed engines and tires spinning over asphalt.  The scene looked to me like a condensed layer of  chaos. Suddenly my awareness was lifted up and I saw the beautiful sky above; not yet light but no longer dark.  I had an immense feeling of space above me, above the hurried and crowded world in which I live. That space seem to me to hold all the possibilities of peace, fulfillment, love, and creativity. I wondered why it is I don’t notice this more – why I live small and cramped when just above me are spacious and vast realms.  It felt so good to see and feel this.

During Yoga I led my class in breathing; exhale and ground into the Earth. Inhale and allow the lifting and expansion to move through their bodies, through their awareness.  Tomorrow is the Solstice – feel that balance of being in the Earth and in the Above.  Widen, lift, lengthen. Let the brand new morning light shine into you and remember that YOU are the Light – you are the Hope – you are the Peace – you are the Love and that you take this with you every place you go and to everyone you encounter.  We breathed together and a sense of peace filled the room.  Even with my eyes closed I could see individual bodies of light sitting in front of me.  In that moment, all was in harmony, all was at peace. 

I send you all immense love and joy for being a part of my life and for me being a part of your’s.  May this Solstice and Holiday time bring you peace. May you find that place within you that is as big as the universe and as warm as a cozy fire on a winter night.  May you see the gifts you give and receive the gifts that are offered to you.  May you see the Gift that You Are.

Blessed be.

Kathryn Ravenwood

….December 20, 2017