Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Emperor Card from Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eaton
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

Mention the Emperor card of the Tarot and we immediately think of the Number 4, of form, structure, power and the male/father force. We think of Aires, the Ram, the first sign of the zodiac and its famous ME FIRST attitude. We think rules, discipline, and firm foundations. The Emperor is all these things which offer visions of of power and form for our lives for both the year ahead and the start of a new decade.

The Hebrew letter that corresponds with the Emperor is Heh or window. In the image above we see the Emperor sitting on his cubit throne within a window. He is looking out of the window even as he IS the window. Windows bring in light which the Emperor understands to be both the creative solar energy and the light of knowledge, of vision. Watching through a window suggests vigilance, observation, clarity, and surveying the landscape. Air/breath/life force also comes in through the window. Clear sight is a gift of the Emperor. He knows how to receive the power of the Cosmic fire, seeing the vision it imparts and, using universal laws, builds his empire of form which he then governs to hold his people in positive form.

The image is full of geometric shapes - triangles, the cube, the cross. They represent both physical and sacred geometry. The cube is the form of basic foundation and represents the manifested universe. The cross is a symbol of the intersection of the the manifest (mundane) and un-manifest (cosmic) realms - or heaven on earth. The Emperor’s head and shoulders form a triangle, his legs crossed forming a 4, or a T-Square; both are basic tools used in measurement, planning, surveying, and building. These tools provide the Emperor, the architect, the means to organize and build structures to bring his vision into manifested form by the application of natural laws.

In many versions of the Emperor card we see him on his throne looking over his shoulder - looking back at the Empress. It is her creative force that fills the Emperor’s world with beauty and abundance that would otherwise be sterile. He creates the forms to hold her creations and so honors, protects, and is in service to her. As the Empress is always creating something new the Emperor’s world is always changing. He must recognize what is old, even dead, that no longer serves the empire. He then has to plan again, rebuild, and reorganize new material into physical form. He must be dynamic to manage all the changes and maintain an on-going order or the once useful forms become limiting, restricting, and will eventually crack and fall into the rubble.

Each of us is the Emperor, the Window, allowing Light to shine through. We use our vision and consciousness as agents of creation, building our world. We order our experiences with deductive reasoning and application of rules and boundaries. The Emperor is known as the “Constituting Intelligence;” we must frame our individual constitutions even as we must conform to the laws of nature, which will always make themselves known - especially when errors in judgment drop us into chaotic experiences. We want freedom to explore and create but we also want what we create to support and sustain us. “Freedom is the choice of one’s discipline” (anon). The trick - or should I say plan - is to learn to make our decisions with the window open - letting in light, getting a clear view, and then using the power of self control and discipline to bring our vision - our decision - into form. Boundaries are not just about “staying in our lane” they are rules which allow us to practice right action to govern our lives in the greatest of cosmic laws - service and love.

We need to be the Emperor, not just to get our To Do lists done, but to empower our divine nature to express and bring forth the Light. No wonder the Emperor appears so formidable! This is a huge task and is one we are all here to master. The Emperor shows us how to do it - how to apply the power of cosmic law to establish order which then provides the perfect container for our creativity to thrive and expand. We are each a mini cosmos of the Universe; each an Empress and Emperor, creating and bringing into form that which we see with inward sight. Never doubt your identity as an architect of the divine.

Open up your window - receive the light - receive the breath of life - use your powers to be the Grand Architect of your life and to expand the cosmos in your creation.

…..Kathryn Ravenwood 12/31/2019

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