Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Moon 4/20/27

The Moon

from the Anna K Tarot
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

Oh, the changeable Moon, the Queen of the Night. She sails through the sky, playing with clouds as she hides among them and then reappears, teasing us in her cosmic dance. Her cycle of change daily progresses her from being dark and maybe not even visible, to revealing more of her body each night, her light slowly increasing until she is finally fully exposed. Then, she pulls the veils of darkness slowly back around her until she is again hidden. All the time, she allows us, if we look, to see the form of her whole, round body cloaked in darkness, illuminated by slivers of silver light. She exposes herself so we can witness the ravages of time that she carries – the craters created by crash landings of invasive space travelers who dared to mar her beautiful surface. She is not ashamed of her imperfections and reveals her scars for all to see. With no light of her own to offer, she takes in the sun’s light, reflecting it back to us to illumine our nights and our dreams. The moon also has her dark, unexposed side. The mystery of what is hidden there is topic of endless songs, poems, and ponderings.  
We are so like the moon. While we navigate the cycles of our lives, we can feel hidden, exposed, vulnerable to surprise attacks, and carry plenty of scars. We sometimes forget, that as in the picture above, our wholeness is intact– we just cannot always see it. Our light is a reflection of the Source of all Light; and in our own cycles, we let that light shine from us, providing illumination and hope to others who wander in the dark. Our navigation guides are our emotions and intuition. Logic offers little use within these mysterious realms.
The Moon card reminds us we must allow our subconscious to come up from the depths and be illuminated, through stages and cycles of growth. In the picture above we see only the surface of a dark expanse of water. What is hidden in the depths of those waters? Monsters of the deep?  Sunken treasure to be sought and recovered?  The moon shines from above sending reflected light dancing across the surface, allowing us only the merest glimpse of what lies just below the surface. Beyond the filtered light of the moon is darkness and the unknown. The ocean is so vast and constantly changing that we could never know it all.
The moon controls the tides using her powerful force to entrain the oceans to her rhythms. If the oceans respond so strongly to her, how can we, also made of water, resist her? After a full tide we can walk the beach and see what has been washed up – sometimes trash, sometimes exquisite beauty. Through the cycles of our lives we have different opportunities and conditions to explore our own depths.  Life’s storms roil the waters of our subconscious, dislodging monsters, garbage, or hidden treasure. Like on a warm summer night when we go skinny-dipping, we might jump naked and vulnerable into the depths of our subconscious, ready to explore and celebrate how it holds us. Or, we might placidly slip past the peaceful surface allowing our Light to guide us in curious exploration of our own hidden reefs and grottos. Sometimes, afraid and not ready, we stand on the shore perhaps able to only slip a toe into the water and observe the ripples radiating from even such a small disturbance.
We are ever changing, morphing, part of cycles within cycles. More is continually revealed and even more is hidden as we progress along our own dance across cosmic time. As our awareness emerges from the dark of our subconscious and moves toward enlightenment, there is never a void.  Like any body of water, when you pull something from it there is no hole; the waters simply swirl in to fill the space. Sometimes our subconscious sends up a small message that we can’t quite grasp as it surfaces; we can only ponder on lost meanings as that message once again retreats into the depths.  Not to worry, it will eventually reappear and another chance at understanding will be within our reach.
May the Moon bless you on your journey, bring you light, heighten your intuition, and bring you peace.  
... Kathryn Ravenwood  04/19/17

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