Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Queen of Swords: Mastery of Mind

The Queen of Swords
From The Aleister Crowley/Thoth Deck
Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood - 9-29-16

Sometimes I am aware of an acute presence that monitors my thoughts and resulting actions. It is a very precise kind of focus that rises up within me. I pay attention. I notice things. I listen. It is like someone else is looking through my eyes, hearing with my ears, and thinking with my mind. I really like it when this happens because I know I am in charge of my present moment. I tend to make good decisions at these times and I trust myself. 
Who is this presence? She is the Queen of Swords. She is that Mastery of Mind aspect that is objective, uncluttered, precise, no nonsense. She has studied, checked the facts, read into the night learning with her avid mind. She holds within her vast knowledge and yes, even wisdom.  She is an advocate of Truth, able to keep herself out of the mundane and in the higher realms where she often sits and ponders it all. She raises the bar then calls us and holds us to our ability to rise up to a higher standard. She is not to be crossed as she stands firm, scrutinizing the situation, wielding her Sword of Truth, unwavering and even relentless – ruthless some would say. Warm and fuzzy she is not. She is often referred to as “the woman alone” and she probably likes it that way just fine, thank you very much.
Her lightening quick mind and rapier wit can be the life of the party. Her memory is clear; she can generously and sincerely give a compliment or good advice. You will not find this Queen making simpering gestures or kissing anyone’s feet. She is in command of her mind, her words. She can be the best person in charge, the one who can make quick, objective decisions, the one who can see the underlying order of the situation, and understand the Truth that prevails over even the messiest of conflicts. She carries a big sword (her mind); she can use it to get right to the point, be sharp and concise or, on a bad day, seek to control all who may disagree with her way of thinking. She is not always popular.
I love her. I relate to her. Sometimes I feel her advocacy come through me and am able to be discerning and honest with myself to make positive changes in me. She helps me be a more objective listener and counselor without attachment to the outcome of others’ issues. She makes it very clear that is me who must change and not that I may change others. Sometimes she scares me; I can embody her and take her power too far using my big honkin’ sword to off the heads of any and all that would cross me. In fairness, I find she(and me) usually gives people warnings and chances before that sword swoops down and cuts through the BS, severing it once and for all. In that state she is not likely to be apologetic because she acted on what she thought was absolute truth.  She will take responsibility for her action and, if proven wrong, will make amends.
The Queen of Swords’ throne is high in the clouds – the realm of thought and mind where she is Master. The Swords of the Tarot are also the suit of Air – of the East – of New Beginnings. The Queen holds her sword in one hand and the severed head of an old man in the other. The severing of the old dogmatic mind allows room for the new to come in, rising up like the child, whose head we see above her throne, above even her own self.  Our Queen is a defender of this child – of this truth – of this ability to bring about transformation through thought and subsequent action.
How can the Queen of Swords enhance your life? What old and trite thoughts and dogmas do you perpetuate that really no longer serve the truth of who you are? Whose words and rules overpower your own?  Is it time to cut off a few heads?  If so, speak your truth, be your truth, be open to the Higher Truth where wisdom reigns, and then wield that sword and let the heads roll where they may.
…Kathryn Ravenwood 9-29-16

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