Thursday, February 11, 2016

Original Writing by Kathryn Ravenwood

From the Rider Waite Deck                      

The Tower of Destruction. Just reading or speaking those words elicits fearful images of gloom and doom.  Lightning strikes a tower, people fall from it in certain disaster.  But is it really so bad?

A Tower event is typically when the Universe pulls the rug out from beneath our stubborn feet. We have had plenty of hints and warnings that the way we are doing things is not working out so well. Maybe we are “stuck” in a job we hate or a relationship that is sucking the life out of us. We have procrastinated taking any action for any number of reasons – fear, lack of vision and planning, or not mustering up the energy to move on. Finally divine intervention occurs; the heavens unleash their fires and finally the stuck energy is released in a catastrophic fall. But this is no fall from grace. This is a fall from that which has been holding us back, restricting us, keeping us separated from the more highly spiritual evolved being we are becoming.  

We gradually build up our Towers. Maybe they arise from self protection, our fears or habits. But rise they do. Brick by brick we mortar our towers higher and higher. We get used to the view from up there. We think we are safe and protected in our established routine, treasured practices, and mindsets.  We think these bricks are supporting us and, maybe for awhile they do, but eventually we have locked ourselves into a restricted place far above the needs and realities of our present lives. After all, they are bricks, solid, immovable, blocks with no flexibility. 

From The Cosmic Tribe Deck
In the Cosmic Tribe Tarot Tower we see the Tower is made of televisions which are all on fire.  The figure falling has a look of peace and bliss. This is one of my favorite Tower cards as it is a strong visual of just how easily we can create these towers of ours. We believe what our favorite programming tells us; we keep running the same stories over and over like a summer season of bad re-runs. Finally, we experience the Tower and are given the opportunity to have a fresh look at things.

What bricks are in your Tower?  There is no judgment upon them. They are there for a reason and have probably served you well; but beware! Get ready for a fall as the Cosmic Lightening strikes, offering up another danged growth experience - er - opportunity!  That opportunity is the next card in the deck  - the Star. After the Tower falls, the dust settles, and the smell of brimstone begins to wane, we look up and realize our lofty view had been blocked by the very habits we thought were supporting us. We see that getting fired from that dead end job was really about freedom; that the breakup from the unhappy relationship was a lesson in self trust,  that allowing our current notions of spirituality or lifestyle are now outmoded, that Spirit is calling us to be more, to look up and step up to our Higher Self and our  Guidance, to remember that isolating ourselves in a narrow tower is holding us back. It is time to be more.

And yes, sometimes Tower events really are an “act of God”… illness, death, the total destruction of a home or family. I am not addressing these in this article as they are not mine to explain. Why do really wonderful people die in a car crash and some “drunken low life” lives through it?  We may never “get over” these kinds of events but hopefully, at some point, the Star of understanding is revealed. I pray it is so

So if the Tower has toppled for you lately, look up and reconnect with the Star of your higher wisdom.  If you can’t see it, call on Spirit to guide you. Sometimes we forget to do this until things are really bad.  Are you working from a blueprint of impending disaster?  Every day is a chance to begin anew.; and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to say “bring it on! Let it fall! I am ready to move on, ready to move upward!” 

….Kathryn Ravenwood 2.11.16

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