Monday, December 28, 2015


From the Rider-Waite Tarot
Original Writing by  Kathryn Ravenwood

Getting on track with our goals is sometimes a challenge. We have lots of ideas, maybe even try out various things that interest us, but we don’t seem to get much done. We can get distracted by unfinished projects that are stacking up, other people’s opinions, procrastination, and that pesky buzz kill - perfectionism. How are we supposed to get anything accomplished?

Hard work pays off. When we apply our talents and creative abilities to a project, keeping our intention and focus present on our goal, we get into that creative process of doing our work.The Three of Pentacles is the time when we apply ourselves, start the project that pays off later, use our sometimes nascent talents to later become the master craftsperson. We learn as we go along. We spend devoted time to our goal and it eventually is accomplished. Applying our creativity to our work inspires us in unknown and unexpected ways that are a pay off in themselves.

Artistry and hard work are evident in the above picture of a section of a beautiful cathedral. The artist has stopped work to confer with his apparent patrons who are most likely paying for the project and possibly coming in with yet another change order requiring the artist  to shift plans and redirect her efforts. The work is obviously long term; a cathedral is not likely to be completed in one artist’s lifetime and certainly not by one person alone. Yet each artist who contributes to a part of it has her work displayed for the life of that building - perhaps hundreds of years. The project that started with a chisel or paint brush has paid off with durability, beauty and serves as influence and inspiration to others who might just be starting on their own creative path.

And what about that perfectionism I mentioned earlier? I don’t know about you, but that is one of the biggest reasons I don’t get anything done! Before I even get started I am hung up on it not being good enough. It is not that I think I am not capable  - I do - but I am my worst critic. Maybe it is just an excuse not to do the work.  After all, the Pentacles are about working and manifesting in the physical realm. All our ideas and opportunities get us no where unless we actually apply ourselves in the work. 

The threes in the Tarot are all ruled by Empress , card three of the major arcana. The three’s are about creating, not perfection. When we give birth to an idea or project it is like  a child- we are not sure what it will be like when it “grows up.” The joy and gift of it is in the doing, the experiencing, and the act of making it happen. Perfection comes later.  A writer has to first draft an article to get started; the proof reading, editing, and fine tuning come at the end of the process. But without that first draft, the manuscript never gets done.

If the Three of Pentacles is speaking to you, get out the tools of your trade, your cookbooks, pots and pans, your computers and notepads, your paints and crayons, your fabric and scissors, beads and wire, and get started. Be in the creative moment and enjoy the process. And repeat often! You might just find your skills and talents amaze you. They might even propel you to do more. The discipline of the practice will lead you ever forward. Even the master craftsman has to get started, has to show up at the workbench, has to keep her work fresh and interesting, and stay engaged. 

So enjoy the process, apply your skills, get discipled and have a good time. Beauty and truth need your hands and eyes for expression. 

…Kathryn Ravenwood 12.6.15

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